Mission Statement

HAVA’s mission will be accomplished through the following:

  • Taking direct, personal and friendly interest in children so as to identify and employ methods that will promote their physical and moral welfare.
  • Providing missionary support for health promotion programs, and technical assistance to health professionals so that they could better identify, promptly thus effectively treat acute and chronic illnesses in orphan.
  • Helping to promote environmental protection, sanitary maintenance, and develop emergency response contingency plans.
  • Developing partnerships with municipal and regional non-governmental agencies in Haiti and the United States to further the organization’s mission.
  • Helping to promote educational enrichment and providing assistance to help improve and increase alphabetization programs in Haiti.
  • To creates a safe haven for the youth and young adult in Haiti.
  • Establish mentor programs that help members to interaction with the youth and young adult.
  • Support youth development through school and recreational activities.
  • Building, operating and/or maintaining centers/facilities that would serve to house programs such as community inclusion programs that aim to improve quality of life of the children.
  • The centers/facilities will also help to facilitate cultural and wholesome entertainment, along with youth activities as a way to ease the effect of the disease.
  • The Organization will also help address the critical problems facing disadvantaged children, particularly those who are destitute, in the United States and Haiti, and offer concrete and comprehensive solutions to ameliorate those children’s conditions. In addition, the corporation will also provide supportive services through missionary envoys, and heighten public awareness of the conditions of the above mentioned groups.