Haitian American Visionaries Association for Humanities, Inc. (HAVA)
A non-profit, non-sectarian, non-partisan organization based in the United States of America with regional offices in Haiti, for the purposes of helping facilitate and upgrade the quality of life of children so that they develop into well-rounded individuals, and for the purposes of distributing food and clothing to underprivileged/disadvantaged children.

Mission Statement

  • To creates a safe haven for the youth and young adult in Haiti.
  • Taking direct, personal and friendly interest in children so as to identify and employ methods that will promote their physical and moral welfare.
  • Developing partnerships with municipal and regional non-governmental agencies in Haiti and the United States to further the organization’s mission.


How can I help the children through H.A.V.A.

Seek/solicit financial assistance and/or donation from individuals, the public and private sector or organizations for the purposes stated herein. To help reduce poverty and discrimination among disadvantaged children; enter into contracts with Federal, State and Municipal departments and agencies, the private sector or with institutions contributing to diversity growth for the purposes herein stated.